Soft Tech Networks (STN), provides IT Consulting and Development Services for business solutions. Towards doing justice to this complex task, STN focuses on working with selected partners on a long-term basis, participating in all aspects starting from conceptualization and strategy, all the way through implementation and deployment.

STN invests in personnel to establish and sustain enviable skill sets and experience profiles. This enables us to offer a diverse range of advanced technological solutions and services. Our enviable track record in the legal, financial, manufacturing, banking and oil and energy sectors bears out the fruits of our labor.

Furthermore, we have implemented a two-pronged market strategy, where high quality products and services are supported by comprehensive and committed customer services, to help the customers maximize their benefits.


Whatever our client needs are, STN is willing and able to meet them with the proper solution!!

Soft Tech Networks AT-A-Glance

STN is a full-spectrum IT Services firm that differentiates itself through:
  • Unique capabilities in high-end, complex custom application development.
  • A deep understanding of its customers' business in selected industry verticals.
  • Proven industry solutions for fast, predictable & cost-effective application development.
  • Relentless focus on technical excellence of its engineering and management staff.
  • A passion to provide its customers with a superior outsourcing experience, and the confidence to share risk in application development with customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Speed your time to market
  • Achieve flexible staffing levels
  • Focus on your strategic business needs
  • Gain access to specialized human resources and technology infrastructure that boosts

Customer & employee satisfaction

STN’s Customer satisfaction & employee satisfaction cores are an indication of the success of our solutions, which are based on a deep understanding of the processes and industries we focus on. We have built significant expertise in highly engineered technologies including workflow and rules engines, constraint-based optimization engines, and document management & imaging solutions, with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) at its core. STN accelerates the development of custom software through modular, configurable and SOA-based solution platforms resulting in quick delivery of reliable custom applications.